Prestiio is an app to support the amazing women around the globe. Our core focus and aim is on empowering, educating, and entertaining women. We believe women have great impact to make in our society whether its in the present or the future. As the world is advancing and society as such is advancing, we also do take note of the significance progress that has been made with regards to social and gender inclusion, from sport to corporate. This progress has given rise to some outstanding female leaders in every sector from business to entertainment, and as Prestiio we aim to celebrate and showcase this. Over the past few years regardsless of the huge progress that has been made, one can not ignore other areas which are increasingly becoming an area of concern, and these are Gender Based Violence (GBV) and sexual abuse cases. Many publications are ranking South Africa as number one, as the most unsafe place for women. Rather shocking to these stats, is that fact that for the sexual abuse cases, girls as young as a year old have become victims, and with regards to GBV, about 2 out of 5 women are leaving these marriages/relationships as corpses. And whilst the stats paint such an overwhelmingly grim and dark picture of the realities that are faced by many women in this country, increasingly the strides that have been made (and or are being achieved) as stated in the preamble, do indicate that we still can also eradicate some of these issues. Significantly where we do need to start at, is with awareness and education. Majority of these issues whilst they have been reported widely in the media, little to non-existence measures have really being effected. Rape and sexist cultures are stil rooted within our society, and this has resulted in so many stereotypes that to this day are contributing factors to these issues. Equility is synonymous with freedom-of-choice, and essential to this is realising that women starting from young girls do deserve to be empowered, to be educated on what equality means for them, and how derserving they are of some of the spaces that would have been preoccupied by males, in many of these industries (and spaces) which have been very male dominated. From empowering women, another element needs to look into awareness, and this time not to focus it on gender, but also everyone. Awareness means that also putting accountability to the male gender, because for every rape or GBV incident, there is always a group of friends that were privy but many too times never acted accordingly. The central focus and core of this awareness does not need to only focus on the negatives whether its stories or stats, but should also focus on celebrating some of these unsung heroines. Women who are showing society that you do not have to be a man to be a good engineer, or a great soccer player, basically awareness with intention As a start-up we aim of doing out part not only in terms of aiding the forward strides of some of the success stories that have come out from women doing amazing work, but we also want to be able to raise awareness to the general public via our News feature. Whilst the app is only for women, the Prestiio Newsroom is going to be open to the public. Let us all have the conversations whether difficult or positive, because this is the only way we are going to be able to realize any possible solutions. In closing, as we are now rolling out the app to the world, we also do hope that many lives are going to be impacted positively. We are excited for the many success stories from our users which we ultimately hope will be great inspiration to a lot of other women; and with regards to the conversations we really do hope that they do spart progressive debates which will ultimatelty bring some solutions. We love you all, so lets continue working towards a future that is an utopia for all. xoxo Prestiio Team