An App that aims
to celebrate,uplift and educate.

Our aim is to connect women all over the globe with the purpose of inspiring each other and sharing ideas.

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How the App works

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Create an account on Prestiio by registering today. App is available for android and IOS users. Verifications badges are available for celebrities,students and insitutions.

Connect today

Connect and be inspired by women from all walks of life; professionals, entrepreneurs, students and home executives.

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Anywhere you can take your smartphone or tablet, Prestiio is there.

Loaded With Features You Would Surely Love.


The app is immersive from the moment you open it and changes are constantly being made to improve it.

Women Empowerment

Prestiio is designed to bring women together into the same space in order for them to motivate each other.

Highly Secure

We care about your privacy and data. Read our terms and conditions to find out more.

Communicate with ease

The Prestiio app is designed for easy communication and it allows you to share your thoughts through posts using words, pictures and videos.

SOS Feature

Prestiio allows you to find emergency services around you with the find-a-service feature that will show all the nearby hospitals, pharmacies, petrol stations and police stations in the area.

Free and secure messages

Interact with your connections by sending them real-time, in-app messages free of charge. The messeging function is fully secured and will not be shared with any third party.

Share your favourite moments

Prestiio includes an added a feature called Moments where you can share a picture or video that made your day.

Discover the app

Prestiio is a fascinating and exciting plstform focused on empowering women from all walks of life. It will be the voice of action focusing on an array of topics that women will engage in, both locally and across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prestiio free to use?

Prestiio is absolutely free on both Android and IOS devices.

How to get my account verified?

You can always ask us to verify your account. Just go to settings and there you will find the request verification badge option. Give your reason and send it to us. We will review your account and if you meet the standards we will verify your account.

Is Prestiio secured?

Prestiio is highly secure. We care about your privacy and data. Read our terms and conditions available in the app and stores to gain a better understanding of how much we care about you.

How can I talk with support?

Feel free to email us your queries on